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Our Company

Over its 10 year history, Trajectory has established a reputation for delivering positive results for its customers.  Trajectory has a solid track record of success in helping many Fortune 500 companies and midsize organizations gain control of their IT assets and deliver better overall service to the business.

Trajectory is considered a thought leader within the IT service management and asset management arena.  Through many years of real-world engagements, our team has established and perfected a methodology for successfully implementing service and asset management solutions. 

Our online solution is based on ITIL best practices.  In addition, we've pre-configured most of the processess, workflows and data elements to reduce the time it takes for our customers to receive value.

Trajectory has a strong set of values that guide our business including:  integrity, customer focus, respect for others and teamwork.

Through its strong partnerships with industry leaders such as Hewlett-Packard, Trajectory is able to deliver the best enterprise-level solutions to midsize organizations.


Seasoned executive with legacy of accomplishment in enhancing the bottom line through technical innovation.


Highly motivated entrepreneurial executive, recognized as a creative strategist, astute decision maker and innovative pacesetter.


Possesses proven demestic and international experience across disparate industries including professional services, information technology, healthcare/IT, telecommunications and marketing services.


Has sound business acumen in growing organizations from startup to mature companies. Has keen ability to increase productivity and maximize profits in turnarund situations and contracting markets through cost cutting and eliminationg redundancies. Track record in achieving operational excellence by alignng strategy with daily opeations using real-time key performance metrics.


Exceptional ability to align people, prossesses and systems to achieve effective performance and company value.


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